Good Evening!


Good evening reader,

My name is Eleni, and I’m a 15-year-old girl living in the modern world. I wanted to use my first blog post to explain a little bit about myself, and explain why I decided to begin my own blog.

So as I said, I’m 15 years old, so I’m currently studying ready for my GCSE’s. I’m taking Maths, English & Science (sadly!), History, Graphics, French & Music. School isn’t something I particularly enjoy – mainly because I have to participate in subjects I would much rather skip ( although I suppose we all have to do things we don’t always enjoy!) I’m originally from Cyprus and Southern Ireland, so I’m a Half-Greek-Half-Irish kind of gal. But I was born and brought up here in the wonderful sunny country of England(!) I do love living in England though, we may not have to most incredible beaches or weather or even tourist sites (London excluded), but we really do have the most incredible rural areas, lots of incredible green spaces.

I enjoy many things: swimming, walking, playing guitar, watching movies, listening to music (lots!), and I really enjoy English: which I suppose is one of the reasons I decided to begin the blog you’re reading today.

The main thing that compelled me to write this blog, was the pressure I have felt and still sometimes currently feel, living in the world we girls live in today. There’s so much judgement around, so much expectation. Life has never been simple, but I do believe now more than ever, girls my age, and even younger sometimes, are scrutinised much too often for a number of reasons I find unfathomable. We live our day-to-day lives with an image we are expected to live up to: a way in which we are supposed to dress, a way in which we are supposed to speak and act, and how we should look in general. It seems it has become very hard to just be ourselves now days – very hard to just be different. So today when I returned from school and felt more under the scrutiny than I have in  quite while, I knew that this was not the correct way to be feeling. Why should I feel bad about an image created by the society we live in, that’s so unnatural it’s almost impossible to live up to?

I know that so many millions of girls my age, feel pressured in this 21st century, and I know that it shouldn’t be like this. So if you feel truly upset about some way in which you don’t conform, I’m here to tell you that there is no issue in you being the way you are.

In this blog, I will speak about some of the things we girls feel pressured by, and give you my best attempt at some honest advice. I will explain to you that you’re not alone in all of these things, and that you are not wrong being who you are.

I look forward to writing for you girls very soon,

Your fellow pressured teenager


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